Pediatric Dental Care
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At Lake Jackson Dental Care, we believe that sustaining healthy teeth starts when the teeth first grow in, which is why we specialize in pediatric dentistry. We also believe that parents are the role models for their children when it comes to keeping their teeth clean and cavity-free. Our Lake Jackson Kid's dentists' goal is to provide every patient the best opportunity to keep a healthy smile, which is why we try our best to educate parents on how to properly care for their children’s teeth.


At our dental office in Lake Jackson, we provide various oral procedures for children to ensure they continue to have healthy teeth. Here are some of the dental procedures we offer through pediatric dentistry:

Dental Cleaning - Ensuring a child’s teeth are clear of cavities and plaque build-up will prevent them from having to have dental fillings, dental crowns, or root canals in the future. Having healthy teeth will also save parents substantially on the financial end.

Braces - We provide kids braces if their teeth have grown in crooked or misaligned. We offer traditional metal braces and ceramic braces. Our pediatric dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the patient to see what type of braces will work best and how long they will be required to wear them.

Dental Fillings - Cavities are a nuisance, for sure. Children often aren’t as disciplined with thoroughly brushing, flossing and rinsing their teeth as they should be. When this happens, cavities have to be removed and then covered using dental fillings.

Dental Emergencies - Kids are always playing, but sometimes it can be a little too rough and their teeth take the brunt. We have seen the gamut of oral injuries suffered by kids and we know how to deal with all of them. Patients of Lake Jackson Dental Care know they can come here for any dental emergency.


It isn’t an easy task finding the right pediatric dentist. Kids are seemingly born under the impression that the dentist office is a scary place. But this simply isn’t the case at our dental office in Lake Jackson.

We make every young patient feel at home and make their procedure, whether it is a teeth-cleaning or something invasive, as enjoyable and pain-free as possible. We care greatly for our young patients because we understand the power of first impressions. Providing a young patient with a positive experience will ensure they will be consistent about their dental visits, which will greatly promote better oral health.

Creating a lasting relationship with our patients is pivotal. We understand that a patient’s trust is the key to helping them remain healthy, not only orally, but overall. Poor oral hygiene can lead to some of the most deadly diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. Guiding patients to a healthy mouth when they are young is our way of helping them live a healthy lifestyle when they are older.


Is your child suffering from cavities? Or do they simply need a great pediatric dentist? Schedule your child’s appointment with our friendly staff and our kids dentist will be certain to make your child’s experience at the dental office an enjoyable one. Contact us today at 979 - 297 - 5151.