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$1995 Braces

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We believe that everyone deserves to have nice, straight teeth and a healthy smile. Our office offers traditional braces at affordable prices. We treat patients as early as 7 years of age. Our braces doctor has completed many cases in less than twenty four months. Schedule your braces consultation today!

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$675 Dental Implant

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We strive to make dental implants affordable for everyone. Our doctor has many years of experience and has placed hundreds of implants with great success. Schedule your dental implant consultation today!

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Lake Jackson Dentist Braces & Implant


Lake Jackson Dentist offers general dentistry including dental implants, braces and more.
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How To Fix Your Smile With The Help Of Lake Jackson Dental Care Experts

Your smile says a lot about you. The way you smile could tell a person whether you are shy, happy, confident or even faking it. Unfortunately, when you've got bad teeth, you often shy away from smiling leaving those around you the wrong impression. Having dental issues can be a shameful ordeal for anyone. In most cases, it lowers your self-esteem, confidence and ability to talk and socialize. We all want to have white and sparkly teeth. That is why Lake Jackson Dental Care is committed to making sure that your smile or laughter remains beautiful and admirable.  

Why You Should Choose Us

Well, it is quite simple! We are the best at what we do. Our services are tailored to suit everyone; adults and kids alike. Our Lake Jackson dentist offers you first-class dental care and treatment during every visit. Also, we provide a variety of dental services at affordable prices in Lake Jackson, TX. Therefore, if you are looking for adult dental care, pediatric dental care, dental implants, dental braces, dental crowns, dental bridges, and even dental fillings, then paying us a visit would be the best dental decision ever. We will make sure your teeth are healthy, strong, sparkly, and beautiful.

Our Key Services

Lake Jackson Dental Care is a reputable office with in-depth knowledge and experience in dentistry. We offer a broad range of dental care services in Lake Jackson, TX. Below are some of our primary services.

Dental Implants

Are you missing a tooth? If yes, then having dental implant might be the solution to that small issue. Implants are tooth replacements that are placed into your jaw bone to ensure that you do not have any spaces in your dentition. Implants are also used to replace bad teeth. Our skilled Lake Jackson dentist carries out dental implant surgeries with much skill and care to ensure the best result possible.

Dental Braces 

Are you looking for ways to fix your crooked or misaligned teeth? Well, look no further! At Lake Jackson Dental Care, fixing crooked teeth is as easy as 1-2-3! We offer three types of dental braces namely Invisalign, metal braces, and ceramic braces. If you ask around, all of our orthodontic patients will attest to the fact that our services are incomparable and reputable. Visit our dentist in Lake Jackson TX today to get your dental braces for a straighter smile. 

Pediatric Dental Care Services

As a parent, you take pride in seeing you kids happy and smiling. That’s why it is imperative to ensure that their teeth are healthy and well taken care of at all times. Wise men once said, “Bend a tree while it’s still young!” We, at Lake Jackson Dental Care, believe this to be very true. That’s why we always encourage parents to bring their kids to us for regular check-ups. That way they will grow up with strong and healthy teeth. 

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns serve many needs with regards to a persons’ dentition. Crowns are placed into your mouth only after our Lake Jackson dentist has prepared the original teeth. Dental crowns are usually suitable in cases that involve accidents or cavity-related problems. If you are suffering from a tooth decay, a fractured tooth, a large filling, a bad tooth or even a weak tooth. Then scheduling an appointment with our renowned Lake Jackson dental care expert who be your best bet at solving the problem. All you have to do is give us a call at 979 - 297 - 5151

Dental Bridges

Contrary to popular belief, dental bridges are usually effective when it comes to filling dental spaces from missing teeth. Nowadays, most people opt for dental bridges to replace the significant gaps their dentition. There are many reasons why people often go for dental bridges in Lake Jackson, TX. If you have a big gap in your dentition, then getting a dental bridge from our certified Lake Jackson dental care expert may be the solution.

Dental Fillings

Are you having trouble eating or drinking because of that small cavity on your tooth? Well, it is time you sought the help of our experienced dentist in Lake Jackson TX to help you fix the issue. You may not know this, but millions of people suffer from dental cavities and are unaware of the fact that this problem can be fixed quickly and easily.Lake Jackson Dental Care offers you the best dental cavity solutions while keeping it affordable.Simply call 979 - 297 - 5151 to book a dental filling appointment. 

Your teeth contribute a lot to your overall appearance, and that is why you should never compromise on your dental health. If you are a resident of Lake Jackson, TX, calling us at 979 - 297 - 5151 or paying a visit to our Lake Jackson Dental Care office at 113 CIRCLE WAY ST LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS 77566 as the first step towards dental health. Remember, “A smile a day keeps sadness away!”