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Straight teeth is one of the biggest demands in the dental industry. At Lake Jackson Dental Care, we offer various options of braces to meet these demands, regardless of age or severity of teeth misalignment.

At our dental office in Lake Jackson, our orthodontist will meet with each patient to discuss the positives and negatives of each option: traditional metal, ceramic, or Invisalign. We want to ensure that every patient has all of their questions answered and their concerns addressed before they make any decision. Choosing braces is a big decision and can be a large financial investment. It isn’t something we take lightly.


One of the options we provide is ceramic braces. In many ways, these are similar to metal braces in their size, shape, structure and use. They straighten teeth quicker than other plastic or clear braces, like Invisalign because they are stronger. They are less expensive than Invisalign, but slightly more expensive than traditional metal braces.

The primary reason why our Lake Jackson dental patients choose ceramic braces over metal braces is because the ceramic braces make it less obvious that they are wearing braces. The ceramic brackets are the color of the patient’s teeth. Even the bindings can be made the same color.


Along with being slightly more expensive than metal braces, ceramic braces can become stained if the patient does not care for their teeth properly. A patient must remain aggressive in keeping their teeth clean. If they eat any dark fruits or drink any juices or dark drinks, brushing immediately afterwards is the most prudent way to ensure stains do not occur.

As with any type of braces, a patient should continue to brush twice daily, as well as rinse and floss daily. With ceramic braces, food can become caught with the brackets or strands and cause oral health issues, like cavities. Keeping a toothbrush handy at all times is a good idea.


Choosing ceramic braces may be the best option to straighten your teeth. After conducting a free consultation with our orthodontist, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision that will best benefit your oral health and your smile.

Our Lake Jackson dental office accepts nearly every type of dental insurance, along with Medicaid, MCNA, and Dental Quest. We also offer Care Credit to pay for any other expenses not covered by your insurance or Medicaid. We make payment plans easy and affordable for all of our patients. Contact us today at 979 - 297 - 5151 to schedule your appointment.