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At Lake Jackson Dental Care, the most common issue our patients encounter is cavities. Even patients who are diligent about brushing twice daily, as well as rinsing and flossing daily, sometimes encounter a cavity. Having a cavity isn’t an indictment on the patient, but is just one of those things that happen. When a cavity does happen, the best method to removing it and ensuring the area never has the same problem is by utilizing a dental filling.


When a patient at our Lake Jackson dental office presents a cavity, regardless of its location, our dentist will recommend receiving a dental filling, unless the cavity is deep and wide spread. This may require further and more extensive action, such as a root canal, dental crown, or dental implant. If the cavity is caught at a reasonable time before it reaches to such depths, a dental filling is typically the solution.

Our dentist will remove the cavity by shaving away the affected areas and retaining the healthy part of the tooth. The objective is to keep as much of the original tooth as possible in order to keep from having to perform further dentistry procedures, such as a dental crown. Once the cavity is fully removed, the dental filling is placed.

Dental fillings are made of various substances. They can be made of gold, porcelain, composite resin, or amalgam, which is an alloy substance combining mercury, silver, tin, copper, and even zinc. The most common dental filling is made of composite resin.

The dental filling covers the areas that have been removed, and fills them back to their original surface structure. This method ensures cavities will not return to those areas, although cavities can still affect parts of the tooth that have not received a filling.

Teeth with dental fillings should still be treated like original teeth. They should be brushed twice daily, and patients should continue to rinse and floss regularly.


Dental fillings are not recommended for every patient that has a cavity. Our dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s tooth or teeth to ensure a dental filling is the correct solution. For those needing a dental filling, however, here are some of the more common reasons for it:

Cavity - If a patient has poor dental hygiene or has an elusive area that has created a cavity, dental fillings are a necessity to keep the cavity from spreading. Patients should act quickly when a cavity is spotted. This is also why patients should see their dentist every six months to ensure there are no cavities in places they can’t see.

Fractured Tooth - A fractured or broken tooth is a recipe for an oral disaster. Having it filled quickly will fight against further fracture and will help prevent cavities in the broken area.

Bad Tooth - Sometimes genetics play a role in our patients’ teeth. Regardless of their due diligence with their oral hygiene, cavities or fractures still take place. When this is the case, dental fillings are often required. If the teeth are extremely weak, it may be recommended to undergo a dental crown or even a dental implant.


Dental fillings are conducted on a regular basis at our Lake Jackson Dental Care office, and are done so for varying reasons. If you are in need of a dental filling, contact our dentist office at 979 - 297 - 5151. Our dentists are prepared to get you back on the road to enjoying a healthier and more beautiful smile.