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Receiving a dental bridge is not as uncommon as one might think. At Lake Jackson Dental Care, a dental bridge procedure is very common. Did you know that more than 30 million Americans are missing all of their teeth? And more than 150 million Americans are missing at least one tooth? These numbers attest to why dental bridges have become so commonplace.

A dental bridge replaces an area of missing teeth with a prosthetic set of teeth. These bridges typically cover three teeth at a time, but can vary according to the patient’s need. Dental implants are very common as well, replacing individual teeth.

Patients receiving a dental bridge should treat it as they would actual teeth. Brushing twice daily, along with rinsing and flossing, is required.


There are various reasons why a patient will require a dental bridge. When patients, who are missing teeth, visit our Lake Jackson dental office, the reason can range from accidental injuries to poor hygiene. Here are some reasons why a patient may need a dental bridge:

Injuries and Accidents - Whether it is a child or an adult, accidents happen. Teeth can become forcibly removed due to an injury, like a car accident. If the teeth are still in the roots, but are broken or fractured, they can be replaced by a dental bridge in order to restore the teeth as they were originally.

Bad Bite - Sometimes teeth grow incorrectly and create an underbite or an overbite. This is called an occlusion. Over time, teeth can shift and can cause them to become misaligned, which often causes various problems, including chewing difficulties and hygiene issues. Replacing the problematic teeth with a dental bridge is a simple and long-term solution.

Poor Hygiene - Nearly 65 million Americans over the age of 30 have periodontitis, which is the result of poor hygiene. Not brushing teeth twice on a daily basis, along with rinsing and flossing daily, can easily lead to this oral disease, along with others, like gingivitis and gum disease. These diseases can cause teeth to rot or easily break, creating the need for dental bridges, dental implants, or at the least dental crowns.


Are you in need of a dental bridge? If so, you definitely aren’t alone as we have mentioned. In fact, more than 15 million people in the US already have dental implants or dental bridges. It may be time to do something to better protect your teeth, or if you have missing teeth, then it is definitely time to replace them.

The best method to ensuring you are receiving the proper care is to schedule a free dental bridge consultation with our dentist  located in Lake Jackson. Contact us today at 979 - 297 - 5151.